The main antagonist of Dark Air and Melrose uncle. After the disappearance of blue air three years ago, Zappa suddenly appear out of nowhere to save the kingdom as all the other mages lost their abilities to cast spells. He resides in the castle, isolated by a barrier from everyone else. While claiming to serve the kingdom, he really does only as he wants since no one has the ability to stop him. This puts much strain on the Queen and other residents of the castle as no one trusts him. He has four disciples that serve his will.

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Story Edit

He is believed to have played some part in the sudden disappearance of blue air three years ago. And seems to have some unknown goal which involves advancing the current lack of blue air. His disciples are seen actively seeking out and collecting blue gate gemstones which hold finite amounts of blue air for mages to use in the otherwise empty dark air. In his tower he has what appears to be an extremely large blue gate gemstone which absorbs smaller gate gemstones.

He is a relation of Melrose and is refered to as his Unlce in flash backs though it's unknown what the true relation between them is. He taught Melrose magic as a child and would visit him periodicly before one day murdereing Melroses parents and attempting to kill him as well. He frequently claims that Melroses destin "is to die" and has been actively trying to kill Melrose since the begining of the series.

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