Princess Rania
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Queen Tar Fini (Older Sister)


Chapter 1

Princess Rania is the younger sister of Queen Tar Firi of Faynia. She is a companion of Melrose, Mustain, Emika, and Forest Freelander who goes under the name Shenandoah.


Rania is a young woman with short, white hair with yellow eyes. She normally seen wearing a white top with a V Shape with white shorts. She also wears a scarf that looks like a cape. She has strong sturdy shoulder's and muscular arms without excess fat. Powerful sinewy thigh's all the way, beautiful reddish-brown skin carrying three swords.


Even as a child, Rania was known for being quiet, resolute, and honorable. She is a serious person who tend lightly to people like Mustain. She has a huge appetite and a keen tongue for extravagant food. Although she seems to not get along with anybody, she seems to get along well with Melrose.

Before deciding to leave the palace life, she converses with Tar Firi, revealing that she found her sister to be more resolute and commanding than she ever would be. Because Firi was willing to sacrifice others for the greater good, Rania claims that she would travel the world and experience life so that she could feel empathy for the "ten percent" that Firi didn't.

Weapons/ AbilitiesEdit

  • Sword: Rania is an excellent swordswoman. Her abilities were known by the people while she was young. Because of her skill, Rania can often make clean and accurate hits. Her sword skill extend are nearing the level of a Master Lord fighter.