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Melrose Silvringtinker
Dark air 2
Grand Master

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Vincent Zappa (Uncle)


Chapter 1

One of the main characters in the series, Melrose Silvringtinker is one of the only with people left in the world who can perform magic. The other person is his uncle, Vincent Zappa. He is currently traveling with Mustain, Forest Freelander, and Shenandoah.


Melrose is blond with blue eyes. He occasionally, especially when entering town, has to dress up as a girl to disguise himself, with various levels of success. He seems to pull off the act rather well, with most unsuspecting people calling him a "beauty". When he is not cross-dressing, Melrose wears pants and a shirt. He carries a sword with him that his father made for him when he was younger.


Melrose easily gets along well with others. He does not seem to like to kill others, as in battle he prefers to knock them unconscious. To add to this, Melrose is thought of by Shenandoah and Mustain as overly optimistic.

Weapons/ AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic: Melrose can use magic from the elements Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, and so, his skill level is considered by some as that of a Grandmaster. Although, he is quite skilled at using magic, Melrose gets very exhausted after using it for an extended period of time, and sometimes, he even faints and collapses. Because of this, he is often told by Mustain and Shenandoah to not push himself too far in a battle. He has recently shown that he can even perform spirit Magic an advanced form of magic along with teleportation.
  • Sword: Melrose carries a sword that his father made for him. His father called it a "Wizard's Sword" and it is very valuable to Melrose. In battle, he often embeds his sword with magic and uses the sword as a way to release the magic.

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