Forest Freelander is a forest being from the Baobab tribe. He is a companion of Melrose, Shenandoah, and Mustain. He served as their ranger prior to their attack on Vincent Zappa before leaving them, since he had no reason to risk his life for the mission..


Forest Freelander has round ears and markings like those of a cheetah. He is pretty muscular and wears a long scarf and mid-length pants. He also carries a bow and arrows.


Forest Freelander is quiet and calm most of the time. Like most forest beings, he is uncomfortable being indoors and prefers the outdoors. He is observant and a bit knowledgeable on some of the other creatures of the forest.

Weapons/ AbilitiesEdit

  • Bow and Arrows: Forest Freelander is a skilled archer. Misty Bell remarked that he had the skills to join Team Sonic Boom.
  • Senses: Forest Freelander's senses are pretty good. He was able to hear the sound of Team Musa's musician while everyone else heard the wind.

Story Edit

Forest Freelander is first seen in Chapter 6 on the outskirts of the forest where Melrose, Shenandoah, and Mustain fight Team Norman. When Team Norman's member Sven confronts Misty Bell over an unconscious Melrose, Forest Freelander appears behind Sven and advises Sven not to fight. Not only was Misty Bell way above his league, he left himself wide open that he could of died numerous of time had his opponent wished to kill him in the dark. With that, Sven chooses to retreat, leaving the two forest beings there. Although Forest Freelander initially opts not to interfere and begins to leave, he was stops when Melrose awakens. Surprised that Melrose recognized the two forest beings and even their tribes, he sticks around a bit longer, enough to watch Melrose and Misty Bell's scuffle and hide Melrose from her. After Misty Bell pulls back, he gets attacked by Shenandoah, but she is called off by Melrose. Mustain invites him to their team after revealing that he too knew a lot about the forest beings.

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