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Dark Air Volume 2
Dark air

Dark Air Volume 2

Welcome to the Dark Air WikiEdit

A Wiki about the manhwa Dark Air by Park Min-Seo.


Dark Air (다크에어) is a fantasy/adventure manhwa written by Park Min-seo. It follows the adventures of a young boy mage named Melrose Silvringtinker and his companions, a musician/buffer named Mustain, a swordswoman named Shenandoah, and a forest being named Forest Freelander. The series is complete with 10 volumes published.


The world used to be filled with magic. One day, though, it disappears because of a thing called "Dark Air", and suddenly, only 2 people remain who can perform magic. One of these people, Melrose Silvringtinker, decides to solve the mystery of Dark Air along with a swordswoman and musician, and so, the adventure begins! ~

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